Venue Rental

Venue rental includes scheduled access to the property all day the day of the wedding and all day the day prior to the wedding (for decorating, preparation, rehearsal time), separate space for both the groom’s party and bride’s party to get ready, all serving tables and linens for the serving tables (if not provided by your caterer), tables and chairs for the number of guests, a huge choice of antiques and decorating items to use (no additional charge), a number of wedding sites on the property, and an overnight stay (after the reception) at the property cottage. Space under cover? Over 2300 square feet of floored space. (No need to rent a tent unless that is something you want.) Need more time the week of the wedding (or before) to work on DIY projects or to meet with the property coordinator? Just schedule the time with us at no additional charge. Additional questions and answers are noted in our FAQs section. Please contact us at 865/922-0825 to get pricing and availability. We’re pretty sure you will be pleasantly surprised!


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