Library of Antiques & Decorations

Enjoy browsing through these items that you won’t have to pay extra to use! When you’re ready to discuss your event, give us the numbers of the items you would like to consider using for decorating or serving. (Dimensions are provided by LxWxH or DxH.) Please keep checking back for updates to the “library”…

Baskets & Bins

Candelabras, Candle Holders & Candles

Card Holders



Drink Service

Flowers & Flower Containers

Food Service

Furniture & Other Large Pieces

Lamps & Lights

Misc. Decorating & Display Items

Picture Frames & Stands

Signs & Chalkboards

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2 thoughts on “Library of Antiques & Decorations

    • In order to keep our antiques and decorations in the best condition for couples who wed at Bjorvala Farms, we do not rent them out. However, we do appreciate your inquiry. We would love to have you consider Bjorvala Farms as your venue if you have not already made a decision! Please let us know if we can assist in any way.

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