Can I visit Bjorvala Farms without an appointment? No, we require that you set an appointment time with us to tour the property and facilities. Please call us at 865/922-0825 to schedule an appointment.

How many people can be accommodated at an event at Bjorvala Farms? The limit is 125 people. (Keep in mind, you invitation count will likely vary from your actual attendance count. After making your invitation list, estimate the actual number of attendees. This actual number is often estimated at 75% of your invite number, and is usually most heavily impacted by the number of out-of-town guests invited.)

Are there several areas on the property to hold a wedding? There are a variety of areas on the property to hold a wedding – two areas with permanent arbors, numerous areas with beautiful large oak trees, areas with views of the hills, wooded areas, a massive portico on one of the two pavilions,  an assortment of moveable arbors (antique metal arbor, antique wood ladder arbor, etc.).

How much time am I allowed on the property for the wedding, reception, rehearsal, set-up, etc? This is one area where Bjorvala Farms differs significantly from most wedding venues. We allow ONLY one wedding per week and your wedding/reception has our COMPLETE attention the week before the event. You will have access to the property on the day before the wedding from 9 am to 9 pm (for decorating and rehearsal) and the day of the wedding from 9 am to close (to be defined by the contract). Additional time can be scheduled prior to the event to work on DIY projects, to plan initial layouts, to meet with vendors, to take pictures, etc. It is our hope to take some of the stress out of the day of the wedding for you and your bridal party by allowing you plenty of time prior to your wedding day to work out all of the details. Our goal is to make your wedding day a wonderful time with family and friends, not a blur of stress and last-minute decisions.

Does the rental price include tables and chairs? The rental price includes the use of chairs and guest and serving tables required for the number of guests at your event. 

Does the rental price include linens? The rental price does include white floor-length linens. If you want a color other than white, we can assist in helping you find another color at the best possible price, either via rental or purchase. Some caterers also provide linens with their services, so don’t make a decision about linen rental/purchase until you have spoken with your caterer.

Is there a rain plan? Truth is, rain on your wedding day is good luck, symbolizing fertility and cleansing.  But just in case that tidbit isn’t enough to calm your nerves, we have over 2300 square feet under cover, as well as clear umbrellas for the bridal party. 

Are there other items that we will need to rent? If you wish to rent a tent, we can make recommendations of local rental companies. (A tent is not needed as there is plenty of space under cover.) There are a number of decorative items available, some of which are shown on our website under Library of Antiques and Decorations, that are available at Bjorvala Farms that do not require an additional charge. If you wish to rent additional furniture or decorative items not otherwise provided by Bjorvala Farms, we can provide a list of specialty item rental companies. 

Does Bjorvala Farms have in-house vendors? No, we do not have in-house vendors and want you to have the opportunity to choose among the many talented vendors available in the area.  However, we do have a list of recommended local vendors and will work closely with vendors of your choosing. Any food items brought onto the property must be provided by licensed, insured/bonded caterers, bakers, etc. Bjorvala Farms does reserve the right to have final approval on all food or food-service providers.

May we use our own photographer and/or videographer? Absolutely! We can also provide recommendations if you have not yet made a decision for those services. 

Are we required to have a planner? No, there is not a requirement for a planner. We will gladly work very closely with you coordinating the services needed for your special day. However, we can also make recommendations for a wedding planner if you would like some additional assistance with coordination.

Does Bjorvala Farms provide an officiant? No, but we can assist in finding an officiant if you have not already chosen one.

Can alcohol  be served at an event? Yes, we allow beer, wine and champagne to be served at Bjorvala Farms. Service must be provided by a professional, licensed server and the additional charge payable to the server(s) must be covered by the contracting party. Bjorvala Farms can provide recommendations for local servers.

Is there any requirement for security at an event? If alcohol is to be served, Bjorvala Farms requires security. Arrangements for security are made by Bjorvala Farms and the cost is to be paid by the contracting party.

Can we burn candles at Bjorvala Farms? Yes, but there are certain regulations regarding burning candles. Please check with us before renting/purchasing candles, candelabras, etc.

Is the firepit available for use? Yes, subject to weather conditions and the final approval of Bjorvala Farms. Wood provided by Bjorvala Farms will require an additional charge. 

Are sparklers allowed? Yes, use of sparklers provided by the contracting party is subject to weather conditions and the final approval of Bjorvala Farms. 

Other questions? Please call us at 865/922-0825!

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